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Honey & Lavender, 2023, (site specific installation), 1000 stems of lavender

Detail of Honey & Lavender


In the Beginning, 2022,  (7ft length x 5ft width installation), statice sea lavender and 1940s cot

Detail of In the Beginning


Seeping, 2022, (site specific installation), statice sea lavender


Fragility, 2022,  (5ft x lenght x 4ft width x 4ft height), gorse bush and flower

Detail of Fragility


 From here to there, and everywhere, 2021, short film

Detail of From here to there, and everywhere


July 2018, 2018, (26ft length x 4ft height), gypsophila flowers.

Detail of July 2018


Entropy, 2018, (15ft length x 5ft width x 3ft height installation) gypsophila flowers, invisible thread.

Detail of Entropy


Paper Bloom, 2016, (10ft length x 6ft width x 8ft height Installation) 5,500 fabric lilies, cotton fabric, wooden frame, florescent lights.
Detail of Paper Bloom


Nothing was Left to Chance, Everything was Clinical, 2015, (12ft X 7ft installation), hospital gauze, cotton thread and wire.
Detail of Nothing was Left to Chance, Everything was Clinical


The Clouds Came down We lost our Path, 2016, (5ft X 3ft installation), hospital gauze, the artists hair, cotton thread and invisible thread.
Detail of The Clouds Came down We lost our Path 





Hospital Selfie, 2015, Photograph, Mayo University Hospital


False Privacy, 2015, Photograph, CF Unit Beaumont Hospital





Where they see beauty, we see necessity, 2016, Perspex, cotton threads, and medium density fiber board, 5 foot 10 inches height x 4 foot width x 4 foot depth





Hospital Gauze Embroideries, 2015, 4 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches unframed / 9 x 9 inches framed, gauze and cotton thread – embroidery series.





X – ray, 2014, Digital Print