Brain Drain – Fragility

Fragility – the fragility of feeling secure – is an installation made from gorse (whin) bush collected around my home in the west of Ireland. The work explores what it is like for me navigating life as a new mother and artist living in the west of Ireland. It is suspended from the ceiling and shaped like a cloud as the thoughts of feeling secure as an artist now that I am a mother are always there in the back of my mind, hanging over me.

Opening of Brain Drain

Brain Drain with Anathema opening today at 6 – Incubation Space 6 – 10pm (D01 N5H6).

Brain Drain is a loose term used to describe the substantial emigration or migration from countries. The result of this actionhas been the loss of expertise, and Ireland has a lon history of brain drain as a result of colonialism and financial crises; conflict and hunger. Someone who we know is moving away every week.

Pertinent to this project is creative Brain Drain, in which the artists exhibiting and exploring this theme have acknowledged the factors behind the phenomenon, whilst not disparaging Ireland as a creative inspiration and landscape.