Workshop at Medtronic – part two

Another great workshop at Medtronic Meruve. It was amazing to hear everyone’s stories of working through the Covid 19 pandemic.

My art piece for the Breathing Life into Art commission will be a permanent piece of art at the Medtronic Meruve plant. I want it to be about the employees and their experiences of working during the Covid 19 pandemic, so these workshops are essential to my art making process.

Workshop at Medtronic

First day of workshops at Medtronic!

So grateful to everyone who took part in the first workshop. What a great experience – cathartic in a way, in regards to working at Medtronic making and shipping ventilators during the Covid 19 pandemic.

Your purpose here is to keep people alive – one of the stand out lines from the day.

Medtronic – on the plant floor

When I was writing my proposal for this artwork (Breathing Life into Art) I knew I would want to work with materials that are used in making the ventilators. During this site visit I was interested in exploring these acrylic spacers – they are used in holding the microphone. Luckily I got to watch it being assembled on the day.

To read more about the art commission click HERE.