Electric Picnic 2016

It was so much fun being a D.I.V.A artist in residence at Electric Picnic 2016 – it was the first year they ever had an artist in residence. I was on site for a few weeks leading up to the festival, which was great as I got to see the festival come together from the beginning.

20160827_124717_001Mode of transport on site at Stradbally Hall

14102655_1580779588884504_4522390891536353890_nThe D.I.V.A’s studio on site at Stradbally Hall

20160828_180453The amazing cherry picker with my work



There were four artists picked for the D.I.V.A artist residency…. Me, Anne McDonnell, Pamela Byrne and Helena Doyle. We were each making our own artworks but using the same common theme – Mental Health awareness. I chose to work with the colour white, and butterflies – The Greek name for a butterfly is Psyche, and the same word means the soul.


20160828_123210 Tent Life – Electric Picnic

20160902_174234 Me repealing the 8th at Electric Picnic

20160902_165403The big wheel at Electric Picnic

20160902_130324 Fairground at Electric Picnic

I really enjoyed my #EP2016 experience, there is so much to see and do. The food stalls were especially amazing! I recommend a visit!